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Memory #3

June 4, 2012

Italiano: Stella di Meryl Streep sulla Hollywo...

Today I was thinking of the time I was watching Meryl Streep on television in one of her famous movie roles. I was visiting my parents at the time so it was tricky because my Mother doesn’t like movies. She has never liked anyone watching a movie in her presence. She gets upset because the focus is not on her. She likes to ask for help and think up errands and such to get people away from a movie. If she is not successful, then she starts making fun of the movie. It is just very annoying. This time, she started making fun of Meryl Streep. She insulted and ridiculed her accent. It went on and on and I just tried to ignore my Mother. It is always a catch 22 though. If you ignore my Mother, she gets angry. If you say anything in response to her comments, she gets angry. The only narrow way to avoid her anger is to turn off the movie and agree with her in whatever insults and mean comments she is making. I have, of course, never been able to do that. I refuse to engage in ugly talk about other people. I am not perfect. I have said unkind things about people but I don’t do it for sport, entertainment or fun. I do not enjoy insulting and making fun of people, even people on television. It just seems like an insult to God who created the person. It is one thing to discuss negative things for the sake of finding improvement or resolution in a situation but just to insult people with no purpose but to inflict harm just seems wrong to me.

This particular time that she was insulting Meryl Streep, was a blessing. I love Meryl Streep. I think  she is a wonderful actress and I think her vocal skills are amazing. Her accents are perfect. Most people love Meryl Streep. Most people think she is a fabulous actress. I realized that day when my Mother was saying mean, creepy, insulting, degrading things about this actress that something was off with my Mother. If she didn’t have any respect for the skills of this actress, then there was no single person on this earth my Mother would like as an actress.

I  realize my Mother likes to particularly rag on people I like and admire just as an indirect way to tell me I am stupid and crazy. If I like someone, she is sure to find fault with that person. On that particular day though, I felt sane and happy. Too many people love Meryl Streep for me to feel alone and off in my admiration for her.

  1. Reading about your memory made me remember how my my mother would always put people down. She had this habit of judging everyone and yes, especially people I liked or became friends with.

    • Isn’t that miserable?! I hate hearing people being put down…it is just wrong.

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