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Positive Experience #2

June 8, 2012
Old abandoned truck

Old abandoned truck (Photo credit: Robert Tewart)

After my Dad died, I was horribly sad and stayed sad for a long time. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of him and miss him. There is no positive to him being dead. There is a positive, however, in the fact that I do not really think he is dead. He is just somewhere else, a better somewhere else I believe. The positive of today is I feel my Dad around me from time to time. I hear his laughter and his corny stories. My Dad lives on in me. I was and am his daughter, his flesh and blood, and he lives in my own heart.

I used to have to wait for a good time to call my Dad. I don’t have to do that any longer. I feel like I can call him up and talk with him at any time. I am not a ghost whisperer or anything. I don’t actually hear my Dad, but I do somehow if that makes sense. He is never far away from me. I am most grateful for that. Love never dies.

  1. I know how you feel here. When you speak to him, you hear his normal response, though in a memory of him. I feel my dad with me, too. It’s also comforting to be in a quiet place where you can remember. My heart is with you!

    • Thank you for your comments. My heart is with you too. I really appreciate your kind words.

  2. “Love never dies.” Yes.

  3. Thank you Cassandra.

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