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Positive Experience #5

June 15, 2012
An Angel.

An Angel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read on the computer that Jayne Rager Valseca died in May. Jayne did a commercial for McDonald’s back in the 1970s. I remember seeing her in that commercial. My husband and I were watching television sometime in the past year and there was a special report on a woman and her family living in Mexico. The husband had been kidnapped and held hostage. The husband was the son of a former newspaper tycoon in Mexico so it was assumed he had loads of money. They didn’t. The wife of this man had to go to great lengths to save her husband. It was a long, horrifying ordeal. It turned out to be Jayne from the McDonald’s commercial. Seeing her in this special is what triggered my memory to that old commercial. Jayne was still beautiful.

Her husband was eventually released. He had been beaten and emotionally tortured. He weighed 90 pounds when he finally came home. They never found the people who kidnapped the man. The family left their home in Mexico and returned to the States. They lost everything.  It was just a sad, horrible story. Kidnapping is apparently a routine crime in Mexico. It is a crazy situation.

I looked up Jayne on the computer and found out that she had a blog. I have had it marked on my computer since I watched that television show. I really didn’t know much about blogs so I did not join it but I kept it marked so I could look at it. When I decided I wanted to write a blog, I went to Jayne’s marked blog so I could follow a link that was listed there to start a blog.

I saw Jayne on a commercial for a Cancer Center a few months ago and I found out she had stage 4 breast cancer. That is not a good diagnosis. Stage 4 is never the diagnosis a person wants to hear. I read or heard on the commercial that she was doing well and I was happy.

For some reason, today, I did a search on her on the computer to see how she is doing with her cancer. I found out she died in May. She was 45 years old. She left behind children and her husband, the man she heroically saved from kidnappers. I couldn’t believe it.

I am grateful I saw her on television and heard her story. She was a brave, strong woman. She touched my heart. I do not know why God would allow anyone to go through such a horrendous, horrible ordeal and then develop stage 4 breast cancer. I think it sucks. She handled it with dignity and grace.

My Mother has always thought that beautiful, successful women are somehow bad people. My Mother has always had unkind things to say about such women. She somehow finds some way to describe them as lucky or cheats or something rotten. It is just jealousy, plain and simple. There are a lot of beautiful, wonderful and successful people. People cannot help being beautiful any more than people can help being not so pretty. There is a lot of prejudice and injustice toward “pretty people.”  Jayne represents a beautiful woman who was kind and who also suffered. Bad stuff hits us all in life. Physical beauty and money do not protect people from suffering.

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