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Memory #11

June 24, 2012

hidden (Photo credit: demandaj)

I was thinking about the time when I was a very little girl, around 5 years old when I was in the kitchen helping my Mother. I don’t remember what happened exactly but my Mother was angry at me for something. She started talking about how I would probably like it if she disappeared. I am sure I was crying. I was always crying. This is a strange story. My Mother had me turn around away from her. Then she told me I could turn back around. She wasn’t there any longer. She kept talking to me but I couldn’t find her. I looked and looked and she laughed and laughed. I had to turn back around, per her instruction, and when she told me I could turn back, she had reappeared. I don’t know where she hid. It scared me terribly. What my Mother never understood is that I really did love her. I just wanted her to love me. I kept waiting for that. I am still waiting.

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