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Positive Experience #7

June 26, 2012

Flax (Photo credit: bdearth)

I  am grateful for bits of information I have been given in life that have been extremely valuable. Here is one that is very important. Several years ago a man worked with my husband who was quite awesome. He had a M.S. in math from an Ivy League University. He also was a religious scholar. He worked in a completely different field from his training when he stumbled into our lives. I loved talking to this man. He was just interesting. I had lunch with my husband and this man many times.

We had not seen our friend in several years but my husband got a call about him that upset us. Our friend had esophageal cancer and was in horrible shape. He was on a feeding tube and had lost over a hundred pounds. The hospital had sent him home because there was nothing else they could do for him. Basically, he was sent home to die. Our friend though, he started researching alternative treatments. He wasn’t going to go out of this world without a fight. My husband talked to our friend several times on the phone but we did not go to see him. He was so sick and we did not want to impose on him. He basically said his goodbyes to everyone.

A few months went by and we got a call from this friend. He was back at work. He was off of his feeding tube. He had gained weight. He told us that he had found a way that cancer was treated in Germany that he had been following. It is super simple. You take around 1/4 a cup of cottage cheese and mix in about 1-2 tablespoons of flax-seed oil, the refrigerated kind you can buy at a health food store. You mix the cottage cheese with the flax-seed oil really well and then eat it. You do this once a day. Our friend started following this by putting it in his feeding tube. He went from his death-bed to being back at work in a few months.

Do a search on the computer and type in all 3 words:  cancer, cottage cheese and flax-seed oil. That will bring up the information. There are thousands of testimonials about this. I do not know if this is true but the cottage cheese and flax-seed oil are healthy and cannot hurt. I read up on it and somehow the cottage cheese with the flax-seed oil creates an amino acid or something that blocks the growth of cancer. I follow this now. I started it the minute I found out I had breast cancer. I had the surgery of course, but I faithfully take the flax-seed oil concoction. I found out that several nurses I met on the cancer wing also take this. It can’t hurt. I told all of my doctors about it and they were fine with it.

Our friend did die. He had several bonus years though. We had lost touch with him and did not learn the details. He was not a young man so maybe it was just his time. I know he was grateful for the cottage cheese and flax-seed oil treatment. He wanted us to tell everyone willing to listen. Even if it is nonsense, I like it. People with cancer, or the fear of cancer returning, need to feel like they can do something to fight this nightmare. Taking something healthy into the body feels like a good thing to do.

As a person who has been through the cancer nightmare, I can tell you that the greatest fear is that the cancer will return. Cancer becomes a thought that pops up daily. Cancer changed my life. I am cancer free and healthy but I am ever mindful of how things can change in a minute of hearing this diagnosis. Please get your mammogram and check on taking this flax-seed oil mixture. It supposedly is a good preventative thing to do. It also supposedly helps fight all kinds of cancer.

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