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Almost Over the Clu, Positive Thought #10

January 9, 2013

On New Year’s Eve, I got really chilled. It was bitter cold and I was outside a bit much. The next day I didn’t feel so great. By the following day, I had a cold. The next day, it felt like the flu. I don’t think it was the flu but it was more than a cold so I am calling it the Clu. A few days after I was in the midst of feeling so rotten, my husband got sick. Both of us have been stuck at home with no energy taking turns heating soup and fetching kleenex. I haven’t had a cold in years and have only had the flu a few times in my life. The last time I had the flu I had a dangerously high fever and was so sick I lost around 20 pounds in a couple of weeks. This is not so bad but it is bad enough that is for sure. I understand that our city is having a bit of an epidemic with 1 out of 3 people sick with this.

This life stuff can be hard. Being sick is no fun. It is odd though because being sick brings out such feelings of gratitude in me. I think of people who have painful, hard conditions who don’t get better. I see the television commercials of hungry children who are starving to death. I see the ads about our brave Vets who are missing limbs and body parts and all such hard things. I see people coping and trying to make the best of the circumstances that have been given to them in life. It makes me rather feel ashamed of whining and complaining about a cold. My nose runs and I feel a bit bad for several days and then I am okay again. I somehow think colds are opportunities to get perspective on lots of things. Sitting down with self, faced with self, can actually be a terrifying thing. When we feel bad, we can’t busy ourselves up and hide from ourselves. We are confronted not only by the stuff running from our noses. We are confronted by some core issues. For me, I have pondered who I am, why am I here and what am I doing with my life. I haven’t had any profound insights, but I always make some minor adjustments during times like this. Minor adjustments can lead to a new direction. For example, almost a year ago, my husband and I both were in that space of facing self and we decided to make some small changes. Specifically, we wanted to eat healthier. We were overweight and we both were concerned about the impact of our weight on our health. So, we phased out eating junk food, fried food and excessive amounts of food. In the past year, we have both lost over 50 pounds and are at healthy weights now. It wasn’t hard. It wasn’t a challenge. It was just the normal flow that followed self-confrontation. We had that moment where we actually saw ourselves and recognized we had a choice to change. Quiet moments with self can be great blessings. I am grateful for them. Colds are opportunities to force us into that space.

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