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Positive Thought #9

January 9, 2013

I didn’t write on my blog for several months and things have changed. I don’t know how to add pictures now and I can’t figure out how to spell check! I have rather decided to write unedited…so sorry for mistakes in advance. I wish I were better on the computer. In high school, I learned how to use a typewriter so I am rather amazed I have kept up with the world as well as I have.

I think that is what I am grateful for today. I am sitting here writing on a blog that goes out to anyone who cares to read it. I can pause my television if I wish. I can heat a snack in the microwave. I was just in contact with some people in another country for my business. Times have changed and all is well. It is amazing really. The modern world is not so bad. Complex certainly, but awesome somehow.

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