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Healing Work. Positive Experience #16

January 17, 2013

I did a lot of mediation and visualization to help me heal from emotional abuse. I would sit down and consciously recall some horrific moments I had experienced with my Mother. I visualized how a loving Mother would have responded to me. I reworked my childhood step by step. I used to visualize Mother Mary as my Mom. I also often visualized Jesus picking me up and rocking me. I visualized him saying loving, kind things to me. Over time, I came to see Jesus and Mary as my parents. They became my role models. They were my teachers. They were my friends. They were the ones I wanted to imitate. They were the ones I wanted to make proud. They are the ones who helped me see that my Mother was off in her treatment of me. They helped me see that I was dating unloving men. They taught me what a loving relationship was and what a family was meant to be.

I am not a religious nut. It is just important to have a focus for healing work and mediation. I didn’t know any good role models. Mary and Jesus just seemed the best of the best for me. This inner work changed my life.

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