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Relationship with Self. Positive Experience #18

January 25, 2013

When I was doing healing exercises to re-work my childhood and to recover from emotional trauma, one of the things I did was very simple and very helpful. I am right-handed so I would use my left hand and write letters from my inner child to my adult self. It sounds stupid but it was very, very interesting. My ability to write with my left hand is very limited. My writing indeed looks like a child’s writing when I use my left hand. Also, I think when we use our non-dominant hand, it taps into a different part of the brain. As adults we have all kinds of defenses and tricks to cope and cover up feelings. I found that the things I wrote with my non-dominant hand tapped into a consciousness that was different for me. I discovered a lot of things about myself. I felt in touch with myself when I was a little kid. She was terrified. She was alone. This little girl needed me, the adult, to take care of her and allow her to mature. It is almost like a dual personality. My inner child was stuck and she was a part of me that I had ignored and shut off. Emotional health and healing for me involved blending my inner child with my adult self. It may sound silly, but this really helped me.

Writing with the non-dominant hand is interesting. When I am stuck on some issue, looking for inspiration or creativity, writing with my non-dominant hand seems to pull in a different dimension where I get ideas. It is just cool. I seem to think differently depending on which hand I use for handwriting.

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