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Rise Up and Live…..Positive Experience 21 and 1/2

February 4, 2013

I responded to a blog today and decided to post my response here as well. I was responding to a woman who was having a bad day where she felt overwhelmed and worn out by the misery of life, things most of us can relate to now and then. Weight, among other things, was making her feel down and defeated. Most responses were warm and fuzzy. I took a bit different approach…

Life is hard. No one gets through it without misery and pain. I have felt every emotion you expressed. Things shifted for me a couple of years ago and instead of feeling down, I feel grateful, even in the midst of hard things. I found out I had breast cancer. I suddenly realized I might not have many days left on this earth so I really got busy living. A big shift took place in me. I discovered that a dirty bathtub that needed a scrub was a beautiful thing. A messy kitchen became a joyful sight. All of the things I didn’t enjoy became wonderful things….opportunities to live and be a part of this world even in small ways.

I made changes. I was overweight and I learned breast cancer likes fat. It was a bit overwhelming to imagine that I could lose 50 pounds. I had never had much success losing even 5 pounds. I decided that I wanted to live, not die and I began to eat healthy, cutting calories and making better choices. I am now down by over 50 pounds. It was not hard. It was not a struggle. It was just a shift. I followed WebMd on the computer for weight loss. I didn’t join a group or order special food.

I learned that things can always get worse the day I found out I had breast cancer. Somehow that made me focus on what is good. I might add that I am cancer free, healthy and happy these days. When I get to feeling down and defeated, I look at my chest and see a missing boob. I also look and see the boob I do have.

You are a beautiful, talented woman. You are a child of God. Honor yourself and your life. A rut is a small difference from a grave. Rise up and live. It is hard. Do it anyway. One day, one step at a time.

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