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The Birth Process, Postive Experience # 25

February 11, 2013

I have read that when someone has a near death experience, they often have an awareness of the spirit world. They sometimes remember things that are not of this earth. I also have read that people who have had abusive childhood experiences also have an awareness of another world. Not always, but it seems to happen. It makes sense. When the spirit is nearly beaten to death, it must tap into the spirit world somehow.

When I was a baby, I had a serious surgery. I was not expected to live. If I did live, they did not give much hope for me developing normally either physically or mentally. I can walk and talk and I have graduate degrees so I was fortunate. I don’t consider myself normal but I am okay! I think one of the perks of this early experience is the nonverbal memories that I have. I have an awareness of colors that I have not seen on this earth. The spirit world always feels close to me. I know it is strange but I don’t think people who have died are really gone. I can meditate and find myself in the presence of friends and family who have died. I have dreams about dead people. They talk to me in my dreams.

The challenge for me is to stay grounded in this world and in this reality. A meditative state is so vivid and so clear that it real for me. I am grateful for my husband who is very much of this world. He keeps me balanced. I don’t lose myself. I like doing daily tasks such as cooking, laundry and other mundane things. These tasks help me focus and stay centered. I find it too easy to go off into the spiritual realm and that is not really good. We are in this world and that is where we are meant to live.

Several years ago I was friends with a priest at our Church. He once introduced me to some people in the church and he told them that I lived between worlds and that I was close to God. That sort of shocked me. I take that as a big compliment but I don’t know. Me? Close to God? That thought makes me very happy. I love God and would like to be close to him. I don’t know about the close to God thing. Living between worlds, yep, that makes sense to me. I live between worlds.

Does anyone else have this experience of living between worlds? I would love to hear your experiences.

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