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I don’t like worms…..

February 13, 2013

I have always heard that the early birds get the worms. Those words have always been spoken to me by people trying to get my butt out of bed before the crack of noon. I don’t want any worms so this little tidbit of wisdom has never worked on me.

It is true, I seldom get out of bed before noon. I seldom go to sleep before 6 am. I like the night. The phone isn’t ringing. There is no one knocking on the door. It is quiet at night. The world is quiet. I can think. I can relax. I can recover. Quiet time at night while I am awake and alone is more restful than sleep. I just love the night. It is a wonderful space where often I am tired …and when I am tired, my mind seems to work differently. The world is more clear to me. Perhaps all of my defenses are exhausted so I am more bitterly honest with myself.

Am I independently wealthy? No. Have I always been able to sleep until noon? No. Am I on welfare? No. Am I on disability? No. Am I dependent on my husband to support me? No.

I worked for years and years and most of those years I had to get up early. I hated it. I loved working, I just never liked to work or do anything early in the morning. I was fortunate that I also had positions where I worked from noon until 8 or 9 at night. Those hours worked better for me. I retired some years ago and opened my own business so now I can work the hours I want. IT IS ONE OF THE GREATEST BLESSINGS OF MY LIFE!!!

Right now, it is 5:03 am. I like to write at night. My husband has to get up at 6 am today so I will make sure he is awake. My husband is also self-employed but he is a morning person. It works well for us that we are a bit on different shifts.

I really have not met too many other people who like to stay up all night. Is anyone out there?

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  1. I did run across this article recently, and exclaimed, “Yes!” several times:

    And as I saw someone point out a few years ago, the early worm gets eaten. >:-D

  2. gothrules permalink

    Yep. You’re reading her answer. I am a born owl. Larks are losers (jk).

  3. You rock!

  4. Cassandra, thank you for the article link. I love it.

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