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We finally took down the Christmas Tree….

February 15, 2013

It is only February! I wanted to keep the Christmas Tree and all the decorations up until spring! It feels sad somehow with all the holiday gear put away. Our neighbors still have their Christmas lights going on …. For some reason, it was just hard to turn the page on Christmas this year.

We had a good excuse. We were building a closet and we just got it finished. Instead of putting the decorations in the basement, we wanted to store them in the new closet so we just left them up until we finished the construction. We actually know it is sort of redneck to keep Christmas decorations up for too long. Our neighbors also don’t usually leave their Christmas lights up and glowing so long either so maybe something is going on with them too. Personally, I hope they keep them shining all year long. It is just pretty.

Maybe we all had some bit of thought about 2012 being the end. When that didn’t happen on December 21, 2012, maybe there was the thought that the Universe was a bit late…so why take down the tree? If the world is to end, it would be better to go out in cheer and lights. And food. We stockpiled some ice cream and cookies. We ate the last of that and the world has not stopped yet…so I guess it is time to just go forward.

I bought my husband a big plastic horse for Christmas. It is a life-size horse! Yes, yes, that makes keeping the tree up so long sound almost normal! You see, my husband is a Cowboy, at least in his mind. I am an Indian, at least in my mind. Part of our house looks like Roy Rogers lives here. The other part of our house looks like Geronimo lives here. With that said, perhaps it makes more sense why I bought him a big plastic horse! It is a beautiful horse. I had to paint it. The plastic on the horse looks like Tupperware so it had to be painted. It is not 100% finished as I am not a great artist but my husband is so he will be able to paint realistic eyes and such. We put the horse in the corner where we had the tree so it is not so bleak even though the tree is gone.

It looks absolutely ridiculous and fun. I love it. I want to keep it there even through Christmas season. I am going to buy a statue of Jesus and put him on the horse with a sign that reads, “There is a new king in town.” I may take a picture of that and put it on Christmas Cards!!! Wouldn’t that be fun!

  1. I think that the plastic horse should be around a while, its going to be an antique one day! I hope your christmas was fantastic, and if you haven’t done anything already with your taken down tree (if its real) you should chop it up and use it for firewood!

    -Samudaworth Tree Service

    • A tree grows in Brooklyn! Very neat to see your comment and your name…Tree Service Brooklyn.

  2. I have read some of your posts and I definitely believe we have the same mother. I reached the point where I was so miserable that I could not bear the thought of living the rest of my life that way. So I got help. It has taken me many years to repair the damage she did. So, there is hope. Especially since has died uh about 13 yrs ago, otherwise my Dr said I was so angry that he was glad she was already dead. I was homicidal, just towards that one person. Let me know if u wanna talk.

    • Hi and thank you! Sorry we have same sort of Mother. I am doing fairly well…mostly on the other side of it but it is never completely gone or over. Thank you so much for your kind words. Looking forward to interacting!

      • Me too, ’cause other than my Dr’s, I have no one to talk to. I definitely don’t talk to my daughters about details although they do know that I was emotionally neglected and abused. You take care and be kind even in the pain. That will help u to feel better about ur self.

      • Thank you!

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