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Day 4 …So Not Smoking

February 20, 2013

Booger and I quit smoking on Sunday. It is day 4. The nicotine is supposedly out of our systems now so the addiction part is just psychological after day 3. Yeah….right.

I want a cigarette so bad I could scream and pull my hair out. This is so freaking miserable. I feel like a crack addict or a heroin addict or an alcoholic. I just want a freaking cigarette. I don’t want gum. I don’t want candy. I don’t want to take a stroll or exercise. I don’t want to distract myself. I just want to smoke.

Why in the hell am I doing this? I cannot remember. I am just in hell

From → I am in hell

  1. Yup, u said it all. Check my post, it might help a little. Don’t kill anybody and just hang in there.

    • I wrote a long response but somehow lost it! One of those days. Thank you for your note. Appreciate it.

  2. Yeah Hang in there! (Capital H!)

  3. Lilly!! I know the hell you are in, and the challenge not to destroy the human race in the meantime 😀 You are strong! You can do this! I have been away from the smokes since January 15th. I’ve had days that I wanted a cigarette. i have been chewing gum so much that my ears are in chronic pain. I didn’t know it could happen, to be quite honest. Once i even made a mental note of all the smokers at work, just before I popped another piece of gum in my mouth. It’s a day to day challenge and victory. If you can get it, get the gum, lozenge or patch. Which ever will help. The gum helps curb the “evil” side of me, because my mouth is staying busy. I just hope that my jaw and ears will eventually quit hurting. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to bite down fully, with my molars. Every day gets easier. Stay focused and determined! You are doing awesome!

  4. Dear Lifebegins, you can’t imagine how much your words mean…I am appreciative. I remember in one of your posts that I thought you mentioned you were a smoker. I am inspired that you quit. That is awesome. Wow! You are an amazing woman you know? Really. I am so moved by your thoughts, your journey, your progress and just your being. Thank you for that. Say a prayer for me. I never really thought I would make it through 1 day. It is day 6. Does it get easier? I still want to scream.

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