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I should have married at age 10…..

February 20, 2013

My husband…I am sick of writing “My husband” so I think I will give him a fake name. Let’s call him Booger. That is what his Grandfather called him. His Grandpa also called his horse Booger so I guess it was a term of endearment.

Anyway, the title of the blog is about how I should have married at age 10. That is when I met Booger. We were just kids at the same elementary school. Booger’s sister was my best friend so through her, I met Booger. I must say, I didn’t particularly like Booger. I thought he was vulgar…which makes sense given he was a pk… preacher’s kid. The first time I saw Booger, it was at an art exhibition. It was HIS exhibition. Here he was some paid artist in elementary school. He was and is one of those weirdo, freaky talented people.

Booger’s Dad, the preacher, was a bit eccentric and Booger’s childhood was as miserable, if not way more miserable, than mine. His family had to move every few years to a new church and a new community so Booger and his sister, my best buddy, left when we entered high school. It was a sad thing entirely. It was like the magic left…the elves disappeared. I didn’t exactly realize it, but I had my first date with Booger before they moved away. He asked me to go to a football game with him and I agreed. His Dad drove us to the game. Booger bought me a hot dog and a coke which I thought was really wonderful. I had no clue about boys or dating so I didn’t figure out it was a date for a long time. Actually, I didn’t realize it until after Booger and I were married and he told me it had been a date.

I saw Booger some years later when I was a sophomore in high school (Our high school was from 8th grade through 12th grade). He invited me to go to the prom with him so I rode a bus to go to the prom with him and to see my best friend. It was not particularly remarkable experience. I went home and I did not see Booger again until I was in college. His sister, my friend, got married and was estranged from the family so her Mom asked me to visit my buddy and play peacemaker, which I did. Booger spent some time with us. He was quite kind to me during that visit. He bought me a hamburger and took me and his sister to a movie. He also took us to an airport where I got to see planes take off and land for the first time in my life. No romance or anything took place but it was nice.

Twenty some years passed. My old friend, Booger’s sister, called me to tell me her Mom had died. Booger was there during the call so we talked…and then he visited…and then we got married. He actually asked me to marry him on that first phone call when his Mom had died. His whole family was there so he said he might as well go ahead and ask me because they were all sitting there praying and hoping that some romance would develop between us. I actually told him I wasn’t busy the following Tuesday. We were joking around. I knew my friend, Booger’s sister, had always tried to hook us up together. The loss of their Mom was hard so our joking brought a little laughter and that was good. I had actually dreamed about his Mother the night she died. I really loved Booger’s Mother and had daydreamed of her being my Mom when I was a kid. She had such soft hands and she always spoke so kindly to me….very unlike my own Mother.

What I didn’t know until so many years later….Booger had carried a little school photo of me in his wallet until it disintegrated. I also did not know that Booger’s Mom had always wanted us to marry. She had told him every time that things went wrong that if he had married me, things would have worked out better for him. What I also didn’t know that he had loved me since I was a little girl. What is even more surprising to me is I think I had loved him too. I just didn’t know it.

When you read stories about how Booger and I act like kids, now you will understand. We sort of picked up where we left off as children. I love Booger’s sister. Booger though, is my best friend. I am so grateful to be a part his family. I wish we had eloped in the 5th grade.

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  1. Such a sweet memory for you. I have never had a Booger in my life.

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