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Giving up a blog addiction…………..

February 21, 2013

I was a fan of a blog. This dude became a follower of mine so I checked out his blog. I read comment after comment from others following his blog where they were thanking him for following their blog. Hmm…I think this dude signs up to follow blogs to get people to check out his blog. He never seems to comment or interact on the blogs he supposedly follows. He probably has all the blog info from the blogs he follows in one weekly message folder that he dumps. He is on the hunt for followers by trolling the blogs of others. I think that is fine. A bit creepy and desperate, but fine.

I really enjoyed his blog. He was fun and outrageous and human…and then he became not so fun or human, but he certainly kept the outrageous thing going. Okay, okay, it is fine to have different opinions but I am not so sure it is wise to get really political in a blog if your main goal is to get a big following going. I certainly don’t think it is cool to start writing like a KKK person. This guy went into a rant about Mexicans and immigration issues. It just made me sick and sad. I really so hate racism and stupidity.

I dropped his blog and just don’t read it any more. I refuse to be part of any group that belittles other groups of people. This is one addiction I am glad to be free of…

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