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Free at Last, Thank Gold Almighty……………

March 11, 2013

Smoke free here and loving it! No more urges. No desire. No cravings. Not overeating. Happy, Happy, happy. It can be done.

I just read the The Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. His book is awesome. It works.

It is like escaping hell. Nicotine is an addiction and it does not go away until it is stopped completely and it is out of your system. Patches do not work. Nicorette does not work. Smoking less does not work. Not smoking works. That is all that works.

  1. gothrules permalink

    I believe you with all my heart even though I have never been a smoker. Apply that thinking to your mother. The only way you will completely feel good about you is to stop communicating with her completely. Speaking to her less doesn’t work. “patches” as in your husband trying to reassure you that she is the one with the problem, doesn’t work. Quit her cold turkey. That is all that will work.

  2. This makes perfect sense to me.

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