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Stop smoking by taking nicotine? Insanity…..

March 11, 2013

I read in Allen Carr’s book how it is insane to use a nicotine product to get over nicotine addiction. Who would recommend heroin to break a heroin addiction? It really is insane. If anyone reading this smokes and would like to just have the desire to quit, read Allen Carr’s book. I am in shock, totally in shock. I have been a hard-core smoker for years and years. I have never wanted to quit. I have prayed just for the desire to quit. I read this book and when I finished it, I no longer wanted to smoke and I have not had a puff or a desire since I finished the book. This is unbelievable to me.

I have been working on the non smoking for the past month or so and I was fairly successful but it was a struggle. I sneaked puffs. I thought about smoking all of the time. I wanted a cigarette every minute. I was depressed. Now I am 100% off of the smokes and I have absolutely no desire for a puff. I am not feeling deprived.

I am happy now. Really happy. I want a cigarette about as much as I would like to kiss a Copperhead. It is just repulsive to me to think of having a smoke. I would just as soon lick insecticide as light a cigarette. Something about reading this book has just given me the absolute desire NOT to smoke. It is a blessing. I am so very, very grateful. I never really thought I could do this. I have prayed. I have tried. I have failed but not this time. I am a champion!!!!!!!!

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